New role, new website for Global’Ease!

It was time for us to apply our own approaches of international growth and meaningful change to our own organization and activity! In 25 years, our client base had grown from multinational companies to organizations of all sizes. We were working more and more with academic partners, not-for-profit and for-purpose organizations and even individuals such as artists. As they expressed their expectations and needs, they triggered a phase of questioning:


  • How could we leverage our experience and expertise to serve more clients with diverse needs in more countries?
  • How could we tap into the technology at hand to offer our clients more delivery choices, with online and in-person training solutions and hybrids of these?
  • How could we work with the talented and motivated independent trainers, consultants and coaches who best understand their local clients’ needs?

We realized that we had outgrown the traditional model of training and consulting and needed to make our training and tools even more accessible to this new clientèle Рaccessible in price, convenience and content. We would empower others to drive the change and growth within their companies or for their local customers.

Our new website offers tools to learn, train and grow in four areas of intercultural management, international mobility, customer service and meaningful change.

We hope to create an online community of people – managers, trainers, consultants, coaches – who are enthusiastic about and wish to co-create a future of international growth and meaningful change. Welcome to our new Global’Ease!

by admin