As you face the challenges of international growth and meaningful change, our consultants and trainers are ready to work with you in person and on site to support you and your teams.

While our head office and creative lab are based in North America, we work extensively across the globe thanks to our network of trainers, consultants and partners. We have client offices in France, Germany and Spain to serve our European clients and we work extensively in the Middle East. 

We will work with you to develop in-house or blended training solutions that are relevant to your sector and context. All of our materials are localized: your real-life examples serve to feed the illustrations and application exercises used in training sessions. 

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Whether you need a single eLearning module developed or a multi-country, comprehensive in-person program, you can count on us. For large-scale, integrated projects of culture change that include training, we encourage our clients to create a team of in-house certified trainers. They not only communicate new expectations and reference points to staff, they also keep the spirit alive with activities and on-going coaching.

Contact us with your needs and goals and we’ll work with you to find the training and consulting solution that best suits you.

Working closely with our clients and local trainers, we co-create locally relevant programs

While our key concepts and participant-friendly approach are global, our tools, examples and exercises are specific to your context and your culture.