Aiming for impact and results, beyond (high) participant satisfaction!

Your goals serve as the starting point for measuring results. We build our programs knowing full well that their impact on your organization is key.

For some of our clients, training expatriates and their families served to reduce the period of “cultural fatigue”. This can take place when the efforts of adapting and translating culture trigger tiredness and tension.

Adopting “Borderless English” in meetings not only ensures a fair balance of power, it saves time. One corporate client estimated that international meetings were 30% more efficient thanks to fewer misunderstandings and an smoother flow of interaction.

The impact of Customer training initiatives is easily measured thanks to comparing “before and after” customer satisfaction survey results.


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Changing public transportation thanks to a positive customer experience

Veolia Transport contracted us to develop a worldwide customer service program that could be localized and delivered through a team of internal trainers in their public transportation networks. Passenger satisfaction surveys were carried out by IPSOS-Reid before and after the launch of the “Going for Green” initiative in every country. These results speak for themselves:

Download our case study with more results: SMILE! Case study with Veolia Transport

Watch the video to hear our clients and participants share their experience:

Whether working for multinational companies or community not-for-profits, we strive to make an impact.

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ReferEase: restoring a culture of fairness and fun in community sports

ReferEase is a training program that empowers sports officials to communicate more effectively with players, coaches, partners and fans.

It was piloted in the province of Manitoba, Canada in partnership with Sport Manitoba. Verbal abuse decreased and referee retention increased significantly.

For an overview and more results, watch the video:


We will work closely with you to clarify your needs, set goals, establish the criteria for measuring impact and results so that our work together is effective and meaningful.